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Interviews With Famous Dead People:
Inspirational Conversations


This amazing book contains 48 interviews with famous dead people. Click on the links below to read four of these interviews.

Amelia Earhart

Thomas Jefferson


Louis Pasteur

Thomas Jefferson

Those wise men who took on the monumental task of putting together a solid foundation for a new nation created a government that has lasted over 200 years. One key figure in the shaping of young America was Thomas Jefferson. We are honored by his presence today.

Susanne: Thank you for being here today, Mr. Jefferson.

Thomas Jefferson: It is indeed a pleasure to be here. I commend each and every one of you for having the perseverance to allow the documents we wrote some time ago to continue to be your guidepost. This certainly was our vision, and it brings me a great deal of satisfaction to see that it has lasted.

S: Why do you think that is, Mr. Jefferson?

TJ: As I stated, for the most part, the people who helped to put together the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States were truly men of vision. It was one thing, though, to stand up and declare our independence in such unequivocal terms; it was quite another matter to mold the essence of a country. We were acutely aware that our second document required that it be timeless. We knew we shouldn't focus on what was occurring right then. We had to be open to a myriad of possibilities concerning the smooth running of a country. In order for the Constitution to be a lasting work, we had to provide for alternatives that even we could not perceive.

S: How did you accomplish that?

TJ: Simply by providing a clause whereby the people could agree from time to time, during the course of America's history, to amendments. Not all things are written in stone, and it is important to always be aware of change; it will occur. I stated that not all things are written in stone. There is one important document that was written in stone -- the Ten Commandments. Luckily, we had this "document" as our standard, our guiding light. During the arguments and discussions that ensued while writing both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, whenever we came upon a seeming impasse, someone would always measure up both sides of the argument against the Ten Commandments. Invariably, whichever measured up the most to our satisfaction, became law.

S: Knowing now what you do about America's current state of affairs, do you still find the Constitution valid?

TJ: Absolutely, in fact now more than ever. I realize that there are those who have strayed from her principles. This does not surprise me for it was expected, considering human blind spots. The Constitution of the United States was written as a beacon of light, as a blueprint of right government, not only for Americans, but for the world as well. This in no way implies that Americans should force their views on others. We put that work forth so that others would see our right actions. Knowing that actions speak louder than words, we visualized the whole planet following suit. I realize now, though, that we were optimistic in what we wanted to occur, and we had no control over the interpretation of our edicts.

S: What do you foresee happening to the planet concerning the different types of government?

TJ: There will continue to be a breakdown of governments and a questioning of right choice. This is good. There will still be bodies of government that will try to maintain a hold on the "Might makes Right" attitude. But as global communication continues to escalate, the number of people who want to live by higher principles will outnumber those clinging to old ideas. A new era is truly upon us. It is up to each individual to decide if they want to join those who are choosing to live by higher principles, or to stay mired in selfish thoughts and actions. The choice, as always, is yours.

S: Would you like to see a Constitution of the Earth?

TJ: If there is a general consensus, then I have no objections. The premise that I have always held in my heart, though, is based on the true meaning of anarchy -- the absence of political authority. It is a belief in everyone's own autonomy -- the independence that comes from each soul making decisions that are good for the individual as well as for the whole. One person should never overpower another with their thoughts or actions. I urge you to look deep inside yourselves. Seek your core essence. I guarantee that you will find a loving source of truth that is meant to be shared with humanity.

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Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart was an American aviator and the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone. She is also the subject of a mystery. In 1937, during a daring venture to fly around the world, Earhart, her copilot, and their plane vanished without a trace in the Pacific Ocean. She is with us today to shed some light on what really happened during that fateful flight.

Susanne: Welcome, Ms. Earhart. I must say that I am both delighted and intrigued by your presence today. People have speculated for years about your disappearance. What can you tell us?

Amelia Earhart: First of all, I want to remind you that I was not alone. My friend and navigator, Fred Noonan, was with me. We took off that morning feeling confident that we would soon be proving to the world my expertise in flying, and that we were capable of making the flight as we had charted it out. The truth is that Fred and I were shot down over the Pacific Ocean and it has been successfully covered up all of these years.

S: Can you explain in detail what happened on that day?

AE: My flight across the globe had a dual purpose. I did, of course, want to be the first female aviator to accomplish this goal. However, I was approached by key military personnel who knew of my endeavor. They convinced me that I could support the United States by gathering information and being a courier of sensitive martial documents. Considering the political climate of that time, I felt it was an honor to serve my country. You see, our military commanders believed that the enemy would not consider that a female might operate in this capacity. Instead, I was being hyped as the first woman to fly around the world. Fred and I were taught codes to communicate with U.S. Intelligence. We didn't realize that these messages were being intercepted by the Japanese. During that time, Japan, along with the United States and Great Britain, had established individual military bases on several of the Pacific islands. By the time Fred and I attempted to land near Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands, our secret was discovered and the other side knew of our "secondary" mission. We were shot down and instantly killed.

S: Can you tell us what those documents contained?

AE: We had information about the buildup of Japanese forces in that region. I was to deliver this report to key British personnel who would later forward it to England. The Japanese, of course, did not want this data reaching its destination, for they believed that would have started a war in Japan's disfavor.

S: What happened to your bodies and your plane?

AE: They were recovered and salvaged by U.S. naval forces. Fred and I were buried in unmarked graves on a remote island in the Pacific, and my plane, what was left of it, was transported to the mainland. It was eventually taken to a top secret military base in Nevada where it remains to this day.

S: Why would the United States cover up the truth?

AE: I am not the first "casualty" of a mission gone awry. They believe that it is far better for the truth to remain a mystery rather than admit that I was engaged in espionage and died as a result.

S: What have you learned from this episode in your life?

AE: It took me many years to integrate that experience. I was caught up in the glamour of "serving" my country. I didn't realize just how vulnerable I was. Great discernment is required when determining the most appropriate way to contribute to humanity.

S: What are you doing now?

AE: I am working with people who had sudden deaths. I help them to understand what led to that moment and how to work with the significance of their actions. My work is very fulfilling.

S: Do you have any parting words?

AE: We all have something unique to contribute. It is up to each of us to discover that gift and stay on course.

S: Thank you, Ms. Earhart, for explaining what occurred and for preparing us to accept our proper roles in the universe.

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Great people throughout history have sought to raise the integrity of human culture. Moses was one such man. His courageous leadership during the Exodus and his gift of the Ten Commandments remain unequaled.

Susanne: We are honored, dear Moses, to have you with us today.

Moses: The honor is all mine. I am here to impart age-old wisdom. It begins with the need to build a firm foundation in your heart by knowing the love of God and yielding to his guidance.

S: How were you able to realize this during your life as Moses? It seems that in today's fast-paced world, God is a low priority.

M: Some people think that during earlier civilizations life was simpler and less stressful. Surely, then, it must have been easier to devote oneself to God. The truth is that although people may have changed their surroundings over the centuries, a stubborn arrogance and lack of faith in the existence of a supreme being has remained intact. I lived during a time in which people were questioning their spiritual existence. Have the questions changed significantly? I think not. Yet now, as before, the opportunity to align oneself with higher principles exists. During the early Egyptian period, leaders in power claimed that only they knew what was right for the people. Similar attitudes prevail today. I do not say this to discourage you. No, I tell you this so you can see that you have the option to follow your heart and walk upon the true path of God.

S: Did you see God in the form of a man when you received the Ten Commandments?

M: I was able to see God in everything: in every human, animal, mountain, tree, and river. God is All That Is. It was not necessary for him to come to me in human form. I received the new laws from God and his messengers through my daily meditations and prayer. I was no different from any of you. I offered myself in service to our Lord, and I am grateful to have played the role I did. I listened to my inner voice -- "the quiet voice within" -- and I remained open to the signs placed in my path. It was an immense duty. Serving the Lord by serving others is always a formidable goal, though it does get easier as one becomes more willing to do the work required. My brother Aaron and I led an exiled population into the Promised Land. Yet, our greatest task was convincing everyone to cooperate. This remains a dilemma for today.

S: How were you able to perform the miracles that you did?

M: A miracle is a rare occurrence that can only be explained by God's intervention. When we have complete faith that we are all instruments of the Lord, he can express himself through us in remarkable ways. One of my tasks in that lifetime was to remind everyone of the existence of a single, omnipotent being -- a just God for all people, the one God spoken of by Abraham. Pharaoh refused to listen to reason, so it became necessary to convince him of the fallacy of his ways by creating plague after plague until the truth could no longer be denied. I did not like that Pharaoh and his people had to be convinced in this manner, but my devotion to God was, and still is, much greater than any doubts and fears I may have experienced. The "parting of the Red Sea" was another miracle performed by God through me. Although it allowed our frightened group of former slaves to escape, it served another purpose as well, reinstilling unwavering confidence in a righteous God. Miracles such as these will no longer be necessary when doubt is replaced by faith and when the love of God is elevated to its rightful place within the hearts of people everywhere.

S: Have you had any other earth lives since your life as Moses?

M: Yes, just one. I returned to the earth and incarnated for a brief period of time as Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon faith. Once again I was leading a people who sought to worship God in their own way. Although some of the Mormon teachings have since been distorted, followers who remain true to the inner precepts of the church still practice the essence of what I taught.

S: Again, we are grateful for your coming forth.

M: I bestow my blessings upon each and every one of you. Listen to the messages that are deep inside. Feel the true spirit that springs forth from a "burning" desire to be at One with All That Is. Amen.

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Louis Pasteur

The germ theory is the basis for modern-day conventional health practices. It dictates our current medical model. The person who we associate with bringing this theory to the forefront is Louis Pasteur.

Susanne: Our regards to you, Monsieur Pasteur. There were people disputing your theory when you first presented it, and that controversy continues to this day. Would you please comment on this.

Louis Pasteur: I offer my sincere respect to all kind people. Before I state my case, so to speak, concerning what you have asserted, I would like to say that I always had the best of intentions -- mainly to aid humanity. I did not like to see whole neighborhoods, even towns, become victims to an animal who had contracted rabies. I was proud of the fact that I discovered a method to help someone who had been bitten by a rabid animal. I was able to permit them to live, and not to die a horrible death.

S: What about the controversy concerning your theory?

LP: The germ theory is just one of several; it was not proven, even to this day. Unfortunately, this theory supports the notion that people are not responsible for their actions. It is predicated on the false belief that disease is created outside of oneself. Individual responsibility is removed, setting the stage for someone else to "cure" us of the disease. This theory fosters greed and promotes separation from one's own God-source. The human body is an extremely complex organism. Like so many of your scientists today, I neglected to have the proper reverence for it. I was caught up in my ego, more interested in trying to identify physical reasons for disease than in seeing the larger picture. Please understand, though, that my intentions were proper -- to stop the suffering. I truly wanted to help people. But I allowed my personality to interfere with and pervert my reasoning. I succumbed to the glamour and prestige of my position. I regret that I have set a precedent for others of my stature.

S: Now that you have had time to reflect on that life, and to see the larger picture, what are your thoughts today concerning disease?

LP: Germs are all around us and live on each of us. They are not responsible for disease. Instead, a breakdown in one of the three bodies possessed by each human being -- the mental, emotional, and physical -- allows the germs which are already present, to change their form and accomplish their deeds. Proper nutrition and an emotionally balanced life are far more responsible for good health than any of the drugs that have sprung up from my original germ theory. To confirm my current theory, the next time you are not feeling well, try to find an unsettling event that occurred during the previous few days. I believe you will find one. I also believe that when you find it, the healing will occur much faster.

S: Well, that is quite a reversal. What would you like to share with scientists and medical doctors who have created a whole paradigm from your original hypothesis?

LP: I implore them to search inside to see the larger picture. I am well aware of their good intentions, but they must be more honest with themselves, and with society. They must allow the sick to share in the responsibility of getting well. They do not have all the answers. They must open their hearts, and their ears, to hear what the people truly want. They are not God -- merely His helpers. If they follow this course, they will also sleep better at night.

S: What are your current plans? Have you incarnated again?

LP: I am still assimilating quite a bit from that life. I have been working diligently with my angels to help me understand all that I created in that lifetime. I will soon be ready to return to the Earth. I intend to balance imbalances that I set into motion. I plan to work as a health activist, promoting what I now know to be the true way to support the health and well-being of the people. My plan is to be a "walk-in," [see glossary in original text] because I do not want to go through the birth process.

S: Can you tell us who you will "walk" in to?

LP: It will be one of your American scientists who is working closely with AIDS, and who insists upon promoting the idea that one virus is the cause of this disease. When this scientist makes a complete turnaround on his theories and begins to seriously look into poor nutrition and poor lifestyle choices, then you will know that I have once again arrived in the physical.

S: We look forward to that day. Thank you for your insights.

Interviews with Famous Dead People:
Inspirational Conversations

By Susanne Miller
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