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Avian Flu:
Quarantine vs. Vaccine

By Neil Z. Miller

Avian Flu Money Trail (PDF file)

The Flu Vaccine: Safety & Efficacy

Annual Flu Deaths: The Big Lie

Swine Flu and Swine Flu Vaccines

       The pharmaceuticals are creating a market; the FDA, CDC and now Congress, are their henchmen. Here are the details: We are told that a disease of chickens in Asia -- a flu that spreads among chickens and kills them -- has jumped the species barrier and has been identified in humans. It has a high rate of fatality. Authorities are trying to contain the spread of these outbreaks but fear that it is moving out of their control. They foresee that it will spread like wildfire from country to country and do not want to be caught off guard. That is why the top priority with money allocated by Congress will be to develop a vaccine. The vaccine has already been under development, only now you and I are funding it. The plan will be to convince you of how dangerous this new strain of flu will be. For those of you who bite, you'll take the risk of the vaccine over the risk of avian flu. But the new vaccine will contain small elements of the avian flu itself—the very reason all flu vaccines are capable of causing sickness that mimics the disease. You will be the guinea pig (2nd level) for the new chicken-to-human flu vaccine. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and World Health Organizations (WHO) are already scanning the globe and in the process of choosing their first level guinea pigs. Clue: The "winners" are often located in Third World countries.

In the past, flu vaccines have been linked to a disease of paralysis -- guillain barre syndrome. Also, in 1976 this scenario already occurred. The pharmaceuticals and medical industry felt the time was right to hoodwink Gerald Ford. They convinced him that a fatal flu disease of pigs had jumped the species barrier and was going to kill thousands of people unless he warned the public and promoted their new swine flu vaccine. Congress allocated millions of dollars -- is any of this starting to sound familiar? -- the public was vaccinated, and hundreds of people were paralyzed and died -- from the vaccine. The vaccine was removed from the market and the "Swine Flu Debacle" left a black mark on Ford's presidency.

We may need to be especially concerned if the (winning) manufacturer opts to produce a live-virus vaccine. In the past, vaccines that were made with small amounts of the virus, such as the flu vaccine and the oral polio vaccine, have shown scientifically that they can and do cause disease, in both recipients of the vaccine and in their close contacts. This has led some researchers to question whether some flu epidemics are triggered and/or aggravated by the vaccine itself.

We do not want to be forced to take this vaccine. No matter how much they yell about the dangers of this disease -- and mark my words, authorities will yell as time draws close -- it must not be mandated. You and I must be free to accept or reject this vaccine. They know this. They know that some of you still have your wits about you and will not tolerate so personal a demand against your will. Don't forget, in our country's early days health freedom was debated as a specific right. It has been severely abused ever since it was rejected. Most of us are too dim to notice that our freedoms in health are limited, or don't know how to go about making the necessary changes. At any rate, I say that if they need to invoke quarantines, even if by military force, let them proceed -- provided vaccines are not mandated. That is a fair game. However, if by "quarantine" they really mean "militarily enforced vaccines against the unwilling" then beware all.

I'd like to make one more comment about this. We should hold them accountable now by demanding to know the precise information they are using to assess the dangers of a newly spreading flu. This should be made public. If the avian flu vaccine is not mandated, this allows every one of you to weigh the evidence on your own thus remaining truly free to accept or reject the shot -- informed consent for all!

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