Extraterrestrial Guide to Love,
Wisdom and Happiness


GADZOOKS! Z-MAN was going about his daily business when several lines of strange and amazing poetry suddenly filled his mind. The first poem that Z-MAN received informed him that generations of children are being raised without moral and spiritual guidelines. Benevolent extraterrestrials wish to provide direction.

Hello, dear friends, we're "out-a-sight"
And come from far away.
As messengers of God's great light
We have a lot to say.

GADZOOKS! Extraterrestrial Guide to Love, Wisdom and Happiness is both playful and profound. It contains nuggets of wisdom that transcend cultural and religious barriers.

When you make a big mistake
And want to keep your pride,
Do the right thing for God's sake:
Let fair play be your guide.

This remarkable book also...

* Teaches universal principles, including unconditional love, dignity, respect, self-esteem, a positive attitude, responsibility, and how to discover one's greater purpose in life.

* Encourages virtuous self-expression and provides solutions to everyday human predicaments.

* Is ideal for teenagers, young adults, and anyone else seeking answers to some of life's most important questions.

"Today the postman brought Gadzooks! I dropped everything and couldn't stop reading until I finished.
It is terrific, and the illustrations are charming."

--Alice Monsarrat, Ph.D., Director, Institute of Alternate Realities

Read some of the poems.

Extraterrestrial Guide to Love,
Wisdom and Happiness

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Price: $9.95

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