Extraterrestrial Guide to Love,
Wisdom and Happiness

By Neil Z. Miller

Poems flow through my mind quite rapidly. They seem to have been pre-composed in another realm; I simply transcribe them. The poems cover many topics and are usually of a moral, philosophical, or spiritual nature. Some of them are playful and profound. All are written in iambic meter. I like to imagine they are transmitted to me by benevolent extraterrestrials -- kindhearted emissaries from another world offering us their more expansive perspectives and guidance on a variety of subjects. Some of these poems are now available in a book -- Gadzooks! A few of my poems are included below.

All Aboard

Gadzooks! I think I lost a screw;
I hear things in my head.
Now I'm sure there is a crew
Of E.T.s there instead.

They say I am their cosmic host,
Their earthly scribe as well,
And that it's time to make the most
Of what they have to tell:

Hello, dear friends, we're "out-a-sight"
And come from far away.
As messengers of God's great light
We have a lot to say.

He asked us to illuminate
The nature of your being,
By having us elucidate
The strange things we keep seeing.

We observe you make the claim
"I want to change my ways."
But then you stay the very same
For days and days and days.

You may smoke or drink and curse,
Perhaps you laugh at friends.
Then you say, "It could be worse."
Of course this all depends.

From our view up on our ships
The Earth appears in trouble.
Everyone must come to grips
And change things on the double.

Share your love with everyone,
For this you may not hoard.
Now buckle up, get set for fun.
We welcome all aboard!



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All Rights Reserved. Poems copyright © 2001, Neil Z. Miller.