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Vaccine Lawyers

      This section lists lawyers, law firms, and other organizations dedicated to supporting individuals who a) were damaged by vaccines and are seeking compensation through the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, b) are being harassed by vaccine authorities, or c) are seeking assistance regarding their religious right to avoid immunizations.

Vaccine Injury Alliance
Vaccine Injury Alliance

The Williams Bailey Law Firm has assembled a strategic alliance of the leading law firms in the country to make people aware of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) and vigorously prosecute vaccine injury claims on a number of different fronts. They will be offering their clients a full service individualized approach to vaccine injury claims; from filing and administering claims under the NVICP, to pursuing individual civil actions across the nation if the Program denies a claim or awards an inadequate amount of compensation for the adverse reactions suffered.

Mindy Michaels Roth, Esq.
Britcher Leone & Roth, LLC.
175 Rock Road
Glen Rock, N.J. 07452
(201) 444-1644

Attorney that has been admitted to practice in the United States Court of Federal Claims and has been handling cases in the National Vaccine Compensation Program since its inception.

Carol Gallagher, Esq.
1201 New Road, Suite 133
Linwood, NJ 08221
Email: attorneycarolgallagher@gmail.com
Tel: 609-837-6262
Carol Gallagher, Esq.

Law firm that represents individuals damaged by vaccines.

Shoemaker & Horn
9711 Meadowlark Road
Vienna, VA 22182
Phone: 703-281-6395
Fax: 703-281-5807
email: shoehorn@bellatlantic.net
Shoemaker & Horn

Law firm that represents individuals damaged by vaccines.

Conway, Homer & Chin-Caplan, PC
16 Shawmut Street
Boston, MA 02116
Phone: 617-695-1990
Fax: 617-695-0880
Conway Crowley & Homer

Law firm that represents individuals damaged by vaccines.

Mark T. Sadaka, Esq., MSPH
20 North Van Brunt Street
Englewood, NJ 07631
Phone: (201) 266-5670
Vaccine Injury Help Center

Lawyer representing clients nationwide.

Maglio Christopher & Toale Law Firm
Altom M. Maglio, P.A.
1751 Mound Street, Second Floor
Sarasota, FL 34236
Phone: 877-952-5242
Fax: 941-952-5042
Altom M. Maglio

Law firm that represents a large number of victims of vaccine adverse reactions across the county and has done so for many years.

Richard Gage & Associates
1815 Pebrican Avenue
Cheyenne, WY 82001
email: vaccinelaw@richardgage.net
Richard Gage & Associates

Lawyers who practice in the Childhood Vaccine Injury Program.

Paul R. Brazil, Esq.
Muller Brazil, LLP
2401 Pennsylvania Ave., Suite 1C-44
Philadelphia, PA 19130
Telephone: (215) 259-8662
Fax: (215) 763-9520
Email: pbrazil@mullerbrazil.com
Website: My Vaccine Lawyer

An attorney who focuses his practice on vaccine injury claims in the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. He "sees clients with a plethora of vaccine injuries, including Guillain-Barre Syndrome, adhesive capsulitis, anaphylactic shock, and many others. Often, doctors are either unwilling or unable to connect the two, despite the consequences often being immediate. I have a unique perspective on these issues, and I am also well-versed in federal vaccine law." You can read the following article by Paul Brazil and learn more about the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

Widman Law Firm, LLC
Phyllis Widman, Esq.
708 Highway 35
Neptune, NJ 07755
Tel: 732-829-3416
Fax: 732-988-4874
Website: Widman Law Firm

Lawyer who represents individuals damaged by vaccines.

Gold Law Firm, LLC
Howard S. Gold, Esq.
83 Walnut Street, Suite 150
Wellesley Hills, MA 02481
Tel: 781-239-1000
Fax: 781-416-0930
Website: Gold Law Firm

Lawyer who represents individuals damaged by vaccines.

Howard S. Gold, Esquire Gold Law Firm, LLC. 83 Walnut Street Suite 150 Wellesley Hills, MA 02481 tel: 781-239-1000 fax: 781-416-0930 www.goldlawfirm.net Brian R. Arnold & Associates
Attorneys and Counselors at Law
Brian R. Arnold, Esq.
Central Square Building
13250 Branch View Lane
Dallas, TX 75234
Tel: 214-739-4216
Fax: 972-243-2666
email: arnoldenda@aol.com

Lawyer who represents individuals damaged by vaccines.

Paul S. Dannenberg, Esq.
P.O. Box 187
Huntington, Vt. 05462
Toll-free: 1-866-566-FIRM
Fax: 802-434-3901
email: psd@vtlink.net

Lawyer who represents individuals damaged by vaccines.

Vaccine Rights
Alan G. Phillips, J.D.
Attorney and Counselor at Law
Tel: 828-575-2622
email: attorney@vaccinerights.com
Vaccine Rights

Lawyer dedicated to providing authoritative information on vaccine legal exemptions: state (grade school and college, public and private) and federal (immigration, adoption, employment, military personnel and civilian contractors/employees).

Vaccine Exemption Alliance
Patricia A. Finn
450 Piermont Avenue
Piermont, NY 10968
Tel: 845-398-0521
email: patriciafinnattorney@gmail.com
Vaccine Exemption Alliance

Law firm dedicated to helping individuals secure vaccine exemptions, and other vaccine related legal issues. Provides legal assistance in drafting documents to secure vaccine exemptions, and in some cases litigation when appropriate. Their representation also includes vaccine injury, child neglect, custody and other related issues.

Marvin Firestone, MD, JD, & Associates
Michael A. Firestone, MBA, JD
1700 South El Camino Real, Suite 204
San Mateo, CA 94402
Tel: 650-212-4900
email: Michael@LawMDJD.com
Marvin Firestone, MD, JD, & Associates

Law firm that handles cases in the National Vaccine Compensation Program.

Professor Edward Kraus
Chicago Kent College of Law
565 W. Adams St., Suite 600
Chicago, IL 60661
Telephone: (312) 906-5072
Email: Ekraus@Kentlaw.edu

Law professor specializing in representing vaccine injured clients.

Jeffrey A. Golvash, Esquire
Brennan, Robins & Daley, P.C.
445 Fort Pitt Boulevard, Suite 200
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
412/281-2180 (fax)

Attorney that represents individuals injured as a result of vaccination.

The Rutherford Institute
PO Box 7482, Charlottesville, VA 22906.
Tel: 804-978-3888.

Advocates of religious freedom. Provide legal assistance regarding religious liberty.

Barton, Benedetto, & Bishop
Bruce A. Barton
180 W. Michigan Ave.
Harris Bldg., 6th Floor
Jackson, MI 49201.
Tel: 517-787-6532.

Law firm that represents vaccine-damaged children.

Toni Blake
2632 B Street
San Diego, CA 92102
Tel: 619-234-8664

Lawyer who specializes in helping parents who have been accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome after their child died following a vaccine.

Elaine Whitfield Sharp
196 Atlantic Avenue
Marblehead, MA 01945
Tel: 781-639-1862
Fax: 781-639-1771

Lawyer who specializes in vaccine law, including Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Andrew Dodd
21525 Hawthorne Bl Pav A
Torrance, CA 90503.

Attorney for a safe vaccine.

Michael Skow
Tel: 916-929-6000

Attorney for vaccine-damaged children.

Andrew D. Downing
Tel: 602-257-9160
Andrew D. Downing

Attorney for vaccine-damaged individuals. (Quote from a mother: "Please add Andrew D. Downing to your list of vaccine attorneys. He represented my daughter with our Gardasil injury. We won!"

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