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Love Letters

      Many people appreciate the vaccine information and perspectives that we provide. Here are some of their letters.

Q. Oh, My God! I have spent the last three days on this site and this is all I can say. I plan to tell everyone about your site, parents and physicians. Will it work? Who knows? I could give you my family history on all three children's vaccination stories, but I will spare you the same stories you have read probably one thousand times, if not more. I pray to be spared any more grief as I am watching my 6 month old suffer right this very minute with a reaction. I am now completely armed with information. I am no longer sitting on the fence but am bursting at the seams with foresight that I want to share with others.

You are an Angel here on earth for the dedication and commitment you have given us ignorant parents. May God continue to give you the gift of intelligence and stamina to fortify us. God bless, and my sincere thanks!

A. Thanks for your supportive comments. We will continue to provide free information to anyone seeking answers regarding vaccines. Best wishes.

Q. Hi! I would just like to let you know that I really appreciate your website and all the information that it offers. I'm from Canada, and there are not too many places to get good information. I'm always looking for documentation on the safety and effectiveness of the more recent vaccines. Thanks again.

A. Thanks for your support.

Q. I am writing to you on behalf of myself and my 6-month-old son. Up until about one week ago, we were completely and totally misinformed on the topic of vaccinations. Being a 21-year-old first time Mom, I unfortunately was easily persuaded into vaccinating my healthy, 8 lb. 9 oz. son, once at birth, then again at two months, and again at four months. I was never once informed of any of the risks or negative outcomes of these shots, presumably because I am fairly young and the doctors see me as vulnerable and uneducated. I can only thank God above for protecting my son from the poisons that were injected into his clean, healthy body. It literally makes me sick to think of how these medical "professionals" whisked my son away at the hospital when he was only one day old to give him his first dose of the hepatitis B vaccine. A short while later, he was then taken to have his heel pricked for a blood sample, and all the while the nurses falsely informed me it was California state law and that it was required for them to do so (absolutely not true), thus taking advantage of an innocent newborn and an exhausted, unaware mother. It scares me to death to imagine what could have happened to my precious son had I not come across this website. After a lot of deep thought and concern regarding vaccinations, I began researching the topic via the Internet. To my shock, I found only two sites which addressed the questions and concerns that I had. All the other sites promoted vaccinations and their "benefits." Intrigued, I thoroughly investigated your website and, without hesitation, began informing myself of my legal rights. I realized that vaccinations are just another way for the government to try and control and dominate our lives. Intimidation is their only weapon. If it weren't for the information you have provided me, I would be ignorantly taking my son in for his next set of shots, this week to be exact. However, this will not be the case. My husband, his sister, his father, and grandmother, etc., were never vaccinated, as they are members of the church of Christian Science, and such vaccinations and other invasive medical procedures are prohibited. Coincidentally, they are some of the healthiest people I know. However, I do not hold the same religious beliefs as them, so I researched other legal ways to protect my son from being a victim of unnecessary vaccinations. I ordered a copy of my state's laws and also a sample affidavit. To my pleasant surprise, I received the materials promptly within 48 hours, along with a catalog of other resources which will provide me with more information on this frightening subject. It is evident to me that you are truly providing us this information with good and honest intentions, as I have never received any order by mail so quickly. I also strongly admire your unbiased view on the subject. The stories I read on your site brought me to tears, yet all I could do was pray for the families whose babies had fallen victim to these unnecessary vaccinations. It did not surprise me to read the angry letters from those uneducated people who oppose our views. They try to intimidate and seem knowledgeable, yet their true colors really show in their careless attitudes and insensitive responses. They are truly as ignorant as they prove themselves to be. I'll stop rambling now, but my son and I would really like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. My next goal is to try and set up a support group for other young parents such as myself, as we also need to be informed of our rights. I'll try as hard as I can by following your tips to get the information out and to have others join our efforts as well. What you are doing is truly a remarkable thing, and may God look down on you and continue to bless you with the strength and courage to keep us informed. I believe that everyone was put here on Earth for a reason, and I know you find peace in the fact that you save babies, including my precious angel, every day. Thank you, again, and God Bless.

A. Thank you for your kind and supportive letter.

Q. I am thrilled to have found your website and thank you for all the information you have regarding vaccinations. My 5-year-old will be attending school in the fall and I have been told she requires more immunizations. After spending the last five hours researching your website, as well as others, I have decided to postpone any further vaccinations until I gather the information needed to explain to family, friends, Dr. and the school why I have decided not to have my daughter immunized again. Thank you for compiling all this important information and making it so much easier to buck the system. I am so sorry I ever subjected my child to the first round of shots.......but at least I have the backup needed to argue against subjecting her to any future immunizations. You are providing a valuable service and I will share your website address as often as possible!!!

A. We're glad to help. Thanks for writing.

Q. I am so pleased to find your web page. I read your book about a year ago and have made sure our library has one copy, but here in New Zealand the word is not being spread fast enough. I was fortunate to have a homeopathic GP, and I decided not to immunize. I have to argue and battle schools and friends and others in the health profession continually because of my decision. I avoid antibiotics and build my daughter's immune system homeopathically. This is one argument for which I get some support because my child is healthy. She never had a runny infected nose, and is almost never sick when she gets chickenpox and other viruses; she only gets a mild case (one day for the chickenpox).

At present in New Zealand, we have the MMR vaccine being pumped into our children. It is not compulsory, but they encourage it with great influence from the health and education system. Some information has just been leaked to the public from an English medical paper produced by a group of several scientists. We have yet to see anyone with sufficient knowledge locally, or with the ability to impart the other side of the issue on air, but it is a prime opportunity. As we have such a small population we are still relatively easy to influence if enough information is blasted at NZers. I believe we would choose not to immunize and would be a wonderful case study or test market for a natural health and vaccine-free society.

Those are my comments. Great to see you on the Net; you do good work. I would like to do something to help. Do you have contacts in New Zealand?

A. Thanks for your support of our efforts. There are several ways for you to become involved. We hope you decide to join forces with the growing number of individuals and organizations promoting a full disclosure of all available vaccine information, and the freedom to accept or reject inoculations.

Our website lists several vaccine support organizations throughout the world. Please visit this link to locate them.

Q. Mr. Miller, I am excited about seeing your data on the internet! What a treat to have information so close. My son recently went to Australia and had to have his shots even though the country does not mandate them because it was a private organization sending him and they mandated the shots. They might have accepted a medical waiver but we didn't know of an MD around here who would sign such a thing until after he left. I'm mad. After 19 years of protecting him, we're confronted with stiff policies. I'm mad about the ignorance people display regarding the long-term problems of this program. They find it so easy to say the benefits outweigh the risks. For this reason, I have come out of my closet and plan to distribute information on vaccines to my friends. I won't charge money. Thanks for informing us. I read your book, Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective? several times to dissolve my confusion. It's hard being different but I'm getting more accustomed to it.

A. Thanks for your support. I'm glad to hear you're planning to become more involved.

Q. Dear New Atlantean Books, congratulations! Your parenting website has been chosen for the Nurturing Magazine Exceptional Parenting Site GOLD award -- the prestigious award for exceptional parenting sites on the world wide web. The Exceptional Parenting Award is for parenting websites that stand out with distinctive and interesting information that assists parents in making informed decisions for their family. Your site is truly exceptional at providing parents with information...that they can't get anywhere else. We hope that by providing you with this award, we may encourage our 40,000+ monthly web visitors to visit your site. Thank you for your valuable contribution to the parenting community on the web.

A. Dear Nurturing friends, thank you very much for the wonderful honor of selecting our site to receive the Nurturing Magazine Gold award. We appreciate your recognition of our efforts to reach out to the parenting and health-related communities. The Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute (and New Atlantean Books) take great pride in offering parents an opportunity to make truly informed decisions regarding their health and the health of their family members. We believe that the problems of the world could be resolved within a single generation (theoretically, at least) if parents were able to achieve full awareness of, and commitment to, their noble -- and nurturing -- responsibilities. We are dedicated to providing parents with appropriate resources to achieve this aim. Please let us know if there is anything else that we may do to support our mutual endeavor. Once again, thank you.

Q. I just wanted to write and thank you for your web page on immunizations. I have a four week old baby and I'm tired of people acting like I'm abusing my child when I tell them that he will not be fully vaccinated. It's difficult to find information on vaccine side effects. Most articles that mention side effects will add at the end that they are no reason not to vaccinate. The information you are offering helps me to know that I'm making the right decision. Thank You!

A. Thanks for your supportive comments.

Q. You are doing a great job with your website and informing parents about vaccine choices. Keep it up! I lost my son to a seizure disorder from his DPT shot, and I try as best I can to get the word around. I work in a vitamin herb store and use my story daily to try to make parents more aware of the side effects and help to save the children. If we continue to work together we can hopefully save millions of children in the future. Again, keep up the great work.

A. Thanks for your encouraging comments.

Q. Hello, I just wanted to say that I think you have a great website. My fiance and I plan on starting a family soon after we get married in June, and I came across this site while researching natural parenting. Thank you for providing support and information to those of us who choose to care for our children, and their health, the way mother nature intended. God bless!

A. Thanks for your support. Best wishes.

Q. I just want to thank you for putting this information out on the Net for people. As a practicing herbalist, I recommend and sell Neil Z. Miller's books to my clients. Public blindness to the dangers of immunization has long been a frustration to me. You are providing a very important service -- my hat is off to you!

A. Thanks for your support.

Q. My wife and I have been researching the immunization topic. I just read Neil Miller's book, Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective? in conjunction with several other books. We have now decided not to immunize our youngest child (three months old) or any future children. I enjoyed hearing Mr. Miller's interview today on the radio. Thanks for putting out the information. I appreciated the documentation in your book since it gives a rational approach to standing up to our doctor (a personal friend). I wish we had run across the arguments earlier for our other two children, but we will trust God with them.

A. Thanks for your support.

Q. When I started in practice 23 years ago, there were no such resources as your excellent site, except of course the library. Your pages are so easy to use and well documented that I will recommend them to patients without reservation. There is no freedom of choice without freedom of refusal.

A. Thanks for your kind comments and support of our efforts.

Q. Hi, I'm 14 years old from Australia. Recently I have been collecting information for or against immunization for a school assignment, and I truly didn't expect this. So terrible things have happened to people being immunized! Your homepage is really great, and the way it's written is brilliant! You should really get some kind of award for your page (it brought tears to my eyes). Once again, your homepage rules, and I hope you keep it up!

A. Thanks for your sincere comments. We will continue to provide this information so that parents may make informed decisions. Best wishes with your assignment!

Q. Just a quick note to thank your for opening our eyes to the corruption of the medical establishment. When my husband first entered chiropractic school I was a little wary of the "fanatics" that preached about home births and anti-vaccination. Though I kept an open mind, I thought it was rather unscientific...until I read the other side of the coin. It has caused some rifts between my childbearing sisters and I. They believe "the risks outweigh the benefit." We sent them one of your books with a note that we felt obligated to inform them -- if only for our own conscience. There has been no conversation on the subject since, and we feel it is more beneficial to let them approach us with questions rather than our pushing the subject upon them. I will hold my breath on the day of my new nieces' immunizations and watch closely as she grows. I find a significant difference in my husband's and my immune systems, which I attribute to his frequent childhood use of antibiotics while I received very few. While this is another topic often screwed up by medical physicians, at least there is no legislation pressuring parents. I respect your work and your mission greatly. I hope it remains as pure as your books appear to make it. Your children should be proud to have such an explorer for a dad -- courageous enough to go against the grain and caring enough to take a stand on their behalf.

A. Thanks for your support. It is very much appreciated.

Q. Thank you so much for providing this informative website. It was a Godsend when I could not convince my daughter about the shots. I did not immunize her, but she chose to do so for her baby. The baby got so sick (screaming for hours) and moaning...it was heartbreaking. I thought, What have we subjected this healthy baby to? And why? She has had colds ever since, and her voice is strange now. She's 5 months old and is breastfed. She moans too much these days. I am sure the shots did not have a good effect at all. I hope I can convince my daughter to avoid the rest of the series. Wish me luck. It may affect her life seriously.

A. Your granddaughter appears to be high-risk, and may have suffered from irreversible brain damage. The screaming you describe is neurological in nature and is not related to a "painful shot." Many children who experience this are damaged beyond repair when their parents refuse to read the signs and choose to continue the series of shots. Good luck in your efforts to educate your daughter.

Q. Thank you for such an informative website. My husband and I have 7-month-old boy/girl twins whom we have decided not to vaccinate. We were quite fortunate as we became aware of the dangers of vaccination before the birth of our twins. Most of our friends and family (not to mention our pediatrician!) thought our decision was crazy and that we were not looking after the best interest of our children. Fortunately, we had a good friend who encouraged us, as well as the support of a wonderful homeopathic M.D. who assured us that homeopathic medical treatment was available if needed. In addition, a pharmacist friend who has also chosen not to vaccinate his new baby, filled us in on the immuno-suppressant properties of vaccines as well as what is really in those vaccines that people are injecting into their children. I am grateful that your website exists as it gives me a place to go for information and support. It also reaffirms our decision not to vaccinate as the right one for our children (especially on those days when opposition is staring us right in the face).

A. Your children are blessed to have such caring and aware parents. Thanks for your comments. Best wishes.

Q. I am a childbirth educator and have recently decided to stop vaccinating my children (after my youngest became extremely ill after receiving Hib). I have struggled with how to approach this subject with my students and now I have your website. This is the most informative vaccine website I have found, and I look forward to sharing it. Thank You.

A. You're welcome.

Q. I applaud you on your truthfulness and thank you for making this information available to others. I have three children and have chosen not to immunize any of them. I did not know of the information you have put here but I realized that something was not right about the demand that children be immunized. If the immunizations work so well then why should others be so afraid of those of us who choose not to? I know the answer to that. I believe that if people really care about their children they will search for the information to give them the best care possible. Sometimes this means NOT going to or believing everything you are told by a doctor. They are not Gods. I hope others read your information here and that they shed the tears I have shed in seeing what can happen to the innocents of this world. These children are being destroyed by members of their own race for financial gain. There is something wrong. As I write this my children suffer from pertussis. I have chosen to help them through this illness rather than risk their future on the word of people who just don't care about them. I do not believe in the "one in a million" that they claim. I believe the risks are much higher and hope that others see this before it is too late. We are not odd because we choose to find out information for ourselves rather than be sheep and follow along. Just because doctors say so doesn't make it so. I wish people could remember it is the "practice" of medicine; they are still practicing. Thank you again for your insightful work.

A. Thank you for your support. We truly appreciate it, and will continue to make this information available.

Q. What a fabulous site. My daughter received her shots for Grade 9 and within two weeks suffered a serious reaction. Her arm broke out in hives from the needle site down, swelled to about four times the size to the point that we couldn't even see her joints, and locked up her elbow.

I have to admit that not all doctors are trying to hide it, though. I phoned the county health unit and all they could say was, "Well this has never happened before, you'd better call your doctor." I did call him and he was furious. He told me point blank that they lied to me and there was much documentation on reactions caused by vaccines. He also told me he'd be willing to give us a vaccine exemption based on our daughter's reaction. It doesn't do much for our oldest but our other two will be exempted and that will help them.

Since that vaccine, our oldest has psoriasis on her face and goes into anaphylactic shock if exposed to pine based products. She never experienced any of that until shortly after the vaccine. It's too bad she had to find out the hard way for her sisters to benefit. Thanks so much for educating the people out there.

A. Thanks for sharing your vaccine experiences, and for your support of our efforts.

Q. Thank you very much for your informative website. I have a 6-month-old baby girl currently on an apnea monitor for an episode she had at 3 weeks of age (before immunizations). I wondered why my pediatrician recommended we continue monitoring her until after the immunizations. She said this was just an extra precaution. I started investigating. After reading the information you provided, I know it is because she was concerned that the shots would trigger some episode. My baby has received immunizations 3 separate times. She had a 1 1/2-hour screaming attack after the second DPT, and a slight fever after the 3rd (just 4 days ago). I plan on doing a LOT more research before giving her the next round of immunizations. No longer will I blindly follow! Thank you again for this valuable service.

A. Thanks for your comments. Good luck on your awakening!

Q. Please don't stop getting the word out about these terrible vaccines. I can't believe how the government and the doctors are putting this poison into our children, and the parents don't even know what is going on. I have a 7-week-old son, and I am not allowing a single shot into his healthy body. I cringe when I hear of mothers who have just taken their kids in for their shots. I feel so sorry for them and I pray that nothing happens to their kids. I hope more and more people log on to this website; it could save their kids' lives.

A. Thanks for your encouragement and support.

Q. Thank you for your website. I recently went to my physician seeking out info on immunization, as I had some concerns about updating my children. I was horrified with her response that there is no documentation about immunization. I want to make an informed choice for my three children. They have been home-schooled for 5 years, and now entering the public school system are being pressured to have their shots updated. I still haven't made my decision yet, but am leaning more towards the idea that I will look for alternative methods of vaccinating my children. Thank you again for an informative website.

Thanks for your support. Let us know if we can guide you to an informative vaccine book or some other important references.

Q. As an ardent anti-vaccinationist, I have many of the books in your catalogue and admire your important work on this subject.

A. Thank you.

Q. I visited your website and found it very informative. Thank you for your effort. You ask for suggestions on ways to improve it. I feel that the information contained in the vaccine inserts would be useful. I have tried to get one to show to people, but am unable to. I have been accused of using emotional blackmail by some, called paranoid by others, and the worse of all is those whose hearts say "listen" but their conditioning by society says "It can't be true." They block their ears and say, "Don't tell me that" or just pretend they did not hear. I believe that ignorance is never bliss, but most mothers are ignorant either by accident or choice and just follow the official line. Thanks to the largely uncensored internet we are now able to get more information on any subject than ever before. It makes me wonder when it will be outlawed! Thanks again.

A. The Physician's Desk Reference (PDR) is available at any library and offers the insert information you are referring to. Thanks for sharing your comments.

Q. Nice website! I like reading the letters. I have an injured child, who at the age of 7 is starting to "come out" of his silence, but we still have a long way to go. I know I will not vaccinate my other children now but live in fear of the government doing away with democracy and demanding vaccines or taking our children away. Do you think that will happen? Hope not. One last note, my children are proof that no vaccines or antibiotics make for a healthier child. Thank you internet! Thank you free press!

A. Thanks for your supportive comments. Frankly, I'm not sure where our "democratic and free" country is heading. However, I am convinced that concerned and faithful parents will always find a way to protect their children.

Q. Dear Neil, I had the good fortune to meet you in Albuquerque about 10 years ago at a meeting of Dissatisfied Parents Together. At that time I had already made the decision to not vaccinate, but talking to you really helped cement that decision. Little did I know at the time that I would end up so involved in this subject. Over the years I read your three books and all the vaccine books you offer, and then, about three years ago, I developed and started teaching a class about vaccines at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics here in Albuquerque. I have a 2 1/2 hour time slot to share this information! Whew! Talk about a challenge. But I feel very privileged to have this time and this vehicle to spread the message about vaccines. The school administration is extremely supportive of this class, and the vast majority of students are very receptive to the information.

When I saw on your website that people can contact you, I realized that there have been many times over the years that I have wanted to thank you. So, thank you! You are an inspiration to me.

I teach this class every 6 months to the graduating class. In between that time I try to take an emotional rest from the information that I try to impart to them (although in addition to the facts, I also include information on alternatives so they can go away with some hope). Every time I start to gear back up to teach the class I am hit by the reality that we are in a very righteous but very overwhelming battle. To have your books to go back to is a security blanket for me. They remind me why I teach this class and why it is so important to share this information. They remind me that I am not alone in this battle. I so appreciate the books you have written, the research you have done, and the many facts that constitute the foundation for the class I teach.

I also want to thank you for New Atlantean Holistic Books. I appreciate that you provide me with the catalogs that I pass out to each student. It is great to be able to say "Here's where you can get this information for yourself." I also greatly appreciate your website. I glean information for my class as well as refer students and interested parents to it. Thank you again, Neil. You are my Vaccine Guardian Angel! Or is that my Non-Vaccinating Guardian Angel!?

A. Thank you for your kind words. I do appreciate them. I receive several emails daily; many are from parents who recently discovered the damaging effects of vaccines. Their children were not so lucky. Other emails come from parents thanking me for sharing this information with them prior to submitting their children to the shots. Now they can make more informed decisions.

I'm glad to hear that you're active in spreading important information related to vaccines. Keep up the great work. Also, let me know if you'd like to order the books at greatly discounted prices for your students. Several chiropractic schools are using them as required supplementary texts.

Q. I want to sincerely thank you for your hard work. I certainly appreciate your dedicated research.

A. Thanks for your support.

Q.I think you are a wonderful organization! I was trying to decide if I should get the shots for my newborn son and I bought one of Mr. Miller's books at a local health food store and read it and boy was I shocked! I have never trusted our government but I had no idea they were putting all these poisons into our vaccines and testing them on us like guinea pigs! I am so thankful I read this book before making up my mind about the shots. It was an answer to my prayers. I can't believe so many parents are deceived here in the USA. I myself have lupus, and I have no doubt where I got it from -- the stupid childhood shots! Again, thank you for the wonderful source of information you were to me, and God bless you all!

A. Thanks for your show of appreciation. Best wishes on all your parenting decisions.

Q. Thank you so much for your research on vaccines. We really need to inform the public of the risks that are involved with these products. I appreciate all you are doing. Thanks.

A. Thanks for your comments and support of our efforts.

Q. I'm devastated after reading the personal notes from parents of permanently damaged or dead children. My baby girl (15 months) just had her DPT and MMR two days ago. I am very fearful of what lies ahead for us. She has been fussy and feverish off and on since the shots. I am now almost seven months pregnant and I assure you this new baby will not receive any vaccinations. EVER! I was made aware of the certain children who should not receive vaccines, i.e., premature, low birth-weight, etc. My daughter has always been above the charts in height and weight, and her doctor has always said that she is a very healthy child. The next couple of weeks will be very stressful for my husband and myself, but I am praying that she makes it through this and comes out with no permanent damage. I am starting a crusade up here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The mothers that I have spoken to already had no idea that this ever occurs. Thank you for this information.

A. Thanks for your support. I have heard from Dr. Viera Scheibner that giving a recently vaccinated child vitamin C to help flush the system may be beneficial. Please contact Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines (MOM) to streamline your efforts. Good luck.

Q. I recently purchased ten copies of your vaccine book from Amazon.com. I will no doubt purchase a second ten soon. It's a book all young mothers should read before they take a position on immunizations.

A. Thanks for your support. If you just want to buy one or two copies of Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective? then Amazon.com is fine. However, the Thinktwice/New Atlantean Bookstore will give you a 40% discount when you purchase 5 or more copies.

Q. As a nursing student, I have to do an assignment on immunization. It appears that not too many people out there wish to disclose the facts on vaccination. I want to thank you for this website, as it has been of great help to me with my assignment, and may help me to convince others in my pro-immunization lecture that there are consequences for every thing we do.

A. Thanks for your show of appreciation. Do not be surprised if your teachers become disturbed by your revelations, nor if they attempt to discount your discoveries.

Q. To Whom It May Concern, I just wanted to drop a line and tell you how thankful I am that you are doing the critical work of informing an otherwise ignorant public about the truths of vaccinations. It is unfortunate that the general medical community does not provide the real evidences. Follow the money trail and people can see that there is most likely an agenda for the medical community to keep secret the perils of vaccinations. Not that this alone is evidence of vaccination dangers. However, when one does see ALL the evidence, the "money trail" makes a lot more sense. Either way, your "ThinkTwice Website" helps a concerned parent to make an informed choice. Anytime one is to make an informed choice it is important that the evidence used is accurate. I feel very strongly that the mainstream medical community does not give either all the information or even accurate information about vaccinations. That in itself should raise a red flag to any knowledgeable and reasonable person. Thanks again.

A. Thanks for your support.

Q. I am a 23 year old, first-time mother. My daughter just turned one, and she is doing wonderfully. Thank you for providing information to parents such as myself, who under the pressure of what is considered "normal" would've vaccinated our children without any knowledge on vaccinations whatsoever. I did not and will not vaccinate my child, and contrary to some opinions, I know I am making the right decision for her.

A. Thanks for your comments and support.

Q. Thank you for the site that can inform people more about what immunizations can do to a child. My prayers are out to all the children who have had to go through the pain and suffering because the parents thought that they didn't have a choice. I have a 9-week-old and everyone is saying that I'm stupid for not getting him his shots but I personally think that it is the smartest decision that I have ever made. This website gives me the chance to print up some information to show them the dangerous thing that shots can be. Thanks again, and my prays that other people will realize that they have a choice.

A. Thanks for your support.

Q. I am so excited to find your webpage! I'm telling all my friends about it. I haven't believed in vaccines for a number of years (about 40). I've successfully informed many about the dangers, but this website adds even more information to the things I already knew. Thank you so much!

A. Thanks for your support.

Q. There are too many people out there who don't find out more about things they are offered for their children and for themselves. Thank you for offering information to those of us who DO think twice.

Thanks for your support.

Q. Thank you, Mr. Miller. I'm on my fifth child and I was just exposed to this information by a caring friend. I've been studying a lot lately because my baby is due for her 15-month shots. I'm already so late to make some good decisions for her health and my other 4, but I've at least got to try now. I can't thank you enough. It must be tough in a world so trusting in our Dept. of Health. If I have anything to do with it, though, my friends and family will at least know there is information out there to make the right decisions.

A. Thanks for your support. Best wishes on all your childcare decisions.

Q. I just now today found your website, and I am greatly appalled by the government's testing on human beings. They are using our soldiers as guinea pigs. I feel a major, major slap in the face by the Gov.'s actions. I have known for a while about the testing from reliable sources, and I hope someone puts a stop to it. If I get in trouble for stating my opinion on the Internet, then so be it, but I am protected in the Constitution for freedom of speech. I am still in high school, and I have a very strong opinion about the government, and I hope more high school students voice their opinion. Thank you. (Sorry if I offended anyone by voicing my opinion.)

A. Thanks for your comments. You should be appalled, and everyone should be disgusted. It's good to see that you're awakening to some areas that need to be corrected.

Q. I was thrilled to find you on the net. It's important for me to know that there are those out there who feel the way I do about vaccines. Keep up the good work! We have a lot of work to do. There are more vaccines on the way, and as I'm sure you know, they are for adults as well as our children. Let's stay on top of this!

A. Thanks for your support.

Q. I found the information on your site quite interesting. My daughter is three years old now. She had her DPT shot when she was five months old and had a reaction to it -- high fever, high pitched screaming -- for seven days. The doctors just blew it off as no big deal. Since that time, she hasn't had any shots at all, and I'm scared to get any more. Thank you for the helpful information and the validation of what doctors seem to dismiss as normal reactions.

Thanks for your support of our information.

Q. Thank You! Finally someone that is willing to speak the truth. Please keep this information available to everyone. There is still a tremendous amount of books being burned in this country. Very few people have any idea. Please put me on your email list if you have one. I would definitely like to stay in touch with all of your work. It would also be a great way to link together the people that are searching for the right answers. Thanks again.

A. Thanks for your enthusiastic support. We appreciate it. We don't have an email list, but you're welcome to visit our site as often as you like. We try to keep it updated with the latest information.

Q. I really appreciate your website. I hope many people will take it seriously. I had a smallpox vaccination in 1977. (I was working in the last designated hospital for smallpox victims in Arizona shortly before they declared it eradicated.) I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis about a year later. They said there was no correlation.

My son had a reaction to the DPT. He still has seizures and an immune system disorder that has stopped him from attending school. He is 17. I recently had an unpleasant conversation with our primary care physician. I wouldn't let him give my son the hepatitis B vaccine. He said he might not treat us anymore.

A. I'm sorry that you had to learn through negative personal experiences about the dangers of vaccines. Thanks for your comments and support.

Q. Hello. I am a young mother of two girls, the oldest being 3 years and the youngest 8 months. I just wanted to thank you for having a webpage like this for me to go to and know in my heart I did the right thing by not getting the shots. I will tell you my story and hopefully you can post it. I got pregnant at 19 just out of high school, and not being married the whole world looked down on me. I was so scared to be a parent. I was raised by a mother who believed in her doctor and went to him for everything. It ended up killing her. She was over-medicated all the time for depression. Sadly, she ended up taking her own life when I was 17. My father was a drug user and gave me no guidelines. Anyway, so I got pregnant and was scared I would not know how to raise a child coming from these conditions. I prayed every night: "Lord please help me be a good parent. Give me the information I need to raise a good child and myself."

That's when the ball started rolling. My friend won me a pregnancy massage over the radio. I went and she told me my back was out and recommended a chiropractor. He offered me information on the vaccines. That got me reading. I never really was a big reader before all of this, and here we are three years later and the struggle still goes on. I have lost friends over the matter and it has in some ways split the family. When my daughter was 11 months old I made her an egg. She loved every bite. After eating the egg she became very lethargic and started to throw up. Within 5 minutes she was covered with little red spots. I rushed her to a doctor and he looked at her and said she is allergic to egg. I started to cry realizing what just happened. I knew the MMR vaccine is grown in egg embryo. I held on to my baby and cried knowing everything I read was true. Up until this episode I was not really sure of the controversy. The doctor said, "Honey, what is wrong? She will be fine." I replied she would have died at 3 months with her MMR vaccine if I would have listened to you bastards. He became very upset and started to yell at me and then left the room. When he came back in, the chart said, "Mother says egg reaction." He was no longer on my side.

I struggle all the time with other mothers. They just don't know where I could come from going against a doctor's advice. So now I can recommend your webpage so they know just where I am coming from.

P.S. All the information I received falls short of the glory of god, and it is people like you that He helps to deliver the information. I want to thank you so much for putting up a fight that helped to save my little angel. God bless you and your family.

A. Dear young mom, thank you for sharing your story. It is distressingly rare in today's world to find mothers who are willing to follow through on their maternal instincts. You remind me of a mother bear protecting her cub. Too many mothers relinquish their power and responsibility in favor of the doctor's recommendations. Sadly, this can be devastating to the health and welfare of the child. Parents have discovered this the hard way, and then their doctors deny all correlations to vaccines and refuse to accept responsibility for the damaged or dead baby.

Note to all moms and dads: YOU were chosen as the stewards of your child's welfare, and YOU are responsible for investigating all matters related to your child, and for making decisions that are in his or her best interest. Other people, including family members, friends, and medical "experts," may try to direct you down a certain path, and they may sincerely believe that path is a good path or the only valid path for you to take. But YOU must sift through the conflicting information, the coercive tactics of your well-meaning human contacts, and your own doubts regarding YOUR ability to take full responsibility for YOUR child. Then you must TRUST your acquisition of information in conjunction with your gut feelings. TRUST the still small voice within, the voice of reason, the voice of GOD.

Q. I am a mother of three children -- ages 3 months, 4 years, and 9 years. My older two children have received all of their "required" vaccinations with nothing more than the mild reactions of low-grade fevers and mild pain at the site. However, my youngest child received her first round of shots including DPT, Hib, and Polio at her two-month check-up last month. She cried when the shots were given, but was comforted by nursing. We went home, and I gave her baby ibuprofen. She was very tired for the next two days, and only woke up to eat and socialize briefly. The afternoon of the second day after her shots, she was napping in her bassinet while I made the older kids a snack. Something prompted me to go in and check on her. She was very still and a grayish color. I felt her chest and it was not moving. I picked her up and began trying to wake her. She was limp and unresponsive. I began frantically searching for our (cordless) phone to call 911. At this point I was crying and screaming for help. I found the phone, and laid my daughter on the carpet to begin CPR. She began to moan and to breathe on her own, and finally to cry. I picked her up and held her, and within minutes she had regained her color and was smiling up at me. Still shaken, I called her pediatrician and we were immediately admitted to St. Louis Children's Hospital. My daughter had numerous blood tests, a spinal tap, MRI, EKG, EEG, Chest X-rays, and was monitored continuously for the next two days. The tests revealed nothing abnormal. I was asked to recount what had happened numerous times by every doctor and nurse who saw her. Each time, I stressed the fact that she had been a normal healthy baby until now and that the only thing unusual was that she had just been vaccinated TWO DAYS earlier. Every single person replied -- "It could not have been the vaccine. Not TWO DAYS later. A reaction would have been immediate." I remained unconvinced. We were released from the hospital with a diagnosis of an Apparent Life Threatening Event (ALTE). My daughter is on a home monitor in case this would happen again. So far, it has not reoccurred and I thank God every night for that.

I began researching vaccinations within days of coming home from the hospital. I have read and reread your site. I find it interesting that Dr. Scheibner's study on DPT showed that breathing distress peaked TWO DAYS after administration of the pertussis vaccine in her test group. My daughter's episode was on day two. I plan on doing more research, but I am not allowing my daughter to receive any further vaccinations while I learn more about the risks.

I am angry and scared. I almost lost a precious daughter, and no one in the medical community will even consider investigating the vaccine. Her doctor has not even filed a VAERS report because she is "not sure" it was the vaccine. Finally, because all the medical tests showed no physical problems, defects, or infections, the doctors and even some of my own family members are doubting me. "Are you sure she was not breathing?" they ask. "Babies breathe so shallow and irregular," they say. I know this, but I also know that babies don't normally turn limp and gray!!

Thank you for giving me some answers and a place to begin my research. Thank you for encouraging me to trust my instincts. Thank you also for providing a sounding board for all of us parents who are told we are crazy to question the vaccinations our children are receiving.

Q. You're very welcome. Best wishes.

Q. I posted a story about my daughter's reaction to vaccines on your website. It wasn't long that I received an email from someone from Africa. Her daughter had had a severe reaction to vaccines also. She found my story on your site. I just want to thank you for letting me share my story, and to all of the parents who have a child damaged by vaccines, or have lost a child, my prayers and thoughts are with you.

A. Thanks for your support of our efforts.

Q. I just wanted to write to you to thank you for the information on the Thinktwice site. I appreciate that you give information that is not found elsewhere and do so in an intelligent and rational manner. While the stories from parents whose children have been damaged or died from vaccinations horrified me, I was glad to see stories from parents who chose not to immunize and have wonderful, healthy children. I am also very glad that you do not push any one agenda. In fact, in several places you say that you are not for OR against vaccinations, just provide information so people can make their own, informed choice. I found your site while researching 'natural parenting.' I am 20 years old, and I have already decided that I would like to have a home birth for my children if at all possible, not to circumcise, and to breastfeed for as long as I can. I came to these decisions based on research and talking to people who have more knowledge about these subjects. I have not yet decided whether to not immunize at all, or just to choose only the ones I find absolutely necessary, but I am so glad to have come across your site. I will probably visit again as I further my research on this very important subject. Thank you so much for your hard work and for making this information available.

A. Thanks for your support of our efforts. It is always refreshing when we are contacted by young, enlightened parents. We encourage your choices to home birth, non-circumcision, and extended breastfeeding. You may wish to consider family bedding and homeschooling as well. Best wishes with your family decisions.

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