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Many Doctors Won't Treat
Non-Vaccinated Children

(Sample Letters Seeking Open-Minded Pediatricians)

Q. I've just been notified by my childrens' doctor that she will no longer see them because I've refused to have them vaccinated. How do I go about finding another pediatrician, and how do I deal with the topic when it comes up again?

Q. I have been looking for a pediatrician that will see my son (6 months old) so that we can have someone to call in case of an emergency. However, when we call and they discover that we are not vaccinating they refuse to see us. Is there a directory of open minded individuals or am I going to have to continue this hit and miss route? I am very confident and educated -- I can take care of most of my son's health care needs, but again, if something serious were to occur that required hospitalization I would like to have someone to contact directly rather than just calling 911.

Q. I'm wondering if there is a list of doctors in my area that you could recommend to care for my 15 month old daughter. We live in Haverhill, MA. The pediatrician that has been seeing her will no longer see her since I refused to have her vaccinated last week. I would appreciate any assistance you could provide.

Q. I live in Columbus, OH and have a 3 month old daughter. At her 2 month checkup, I refused to have her vaccinated, and this was not received very well by her pediatrician. I don't want to feel this pressure every time I go to the doctor, however, I already know of several other pediatricians in the area that will not accept children who are not vaccinated. I wonder if you could recommend any doctors in the area who are a little more sympathetic to anti-immunization. I am realistic enough to know that these doctors are few and far between. Thank you for any help.

Q. I live in Carmel, NY and am looking for a pediatrician in my area. Do you know of any that are supportive of parents who choose not to vaccinate? Thank you.

Q. I appreciate your website. I do not want to have my 6 1/2 month old baby immunized. I would like to find a doctor that will not give me a hard time every time I take my baby in for a check up. Is there any way you can help me find a doctor in the Memphis area that won't pressure me about shots?

Q. I was wondering if you had any listings of pediatricians who would allow parents to make the decision not to vaccinate their children? My wife and I just became parents and we are finding it extremely difficult to find a pediatrician who will treat our daughter They say they will not take our daughter on if she won't receive vaccinations. I was wondering if you could help us out in any way?

Q. Thank you for providing such a knowledgeable webpage. I have decided not to immunize my son and have many books that back me in this decision. Unfortunately, I am having a hard time finding a pediatrician that will back my decision. What suggestions do you have for my sort of situation? Is there a list of supporting pediatricians somewhere or am I on my own with this? There have been some measle cases reported here so I want someone who won't shake their finger at me if my son gets sick. I would appreciate any help you could provide. Thank you very much.

Q. We are trying to find a pediatrician who won't think we are crazy for not wanting our little girl vaccinated. Do you have any info on a doctor in our area who might be open-minded when it comes to vaccination? We live in Morgan Hill CA near San Jose. Thanks.

Q. I recently moved to Montville, New Jersey from California. I had a pediatrician for my children in California whose point of view was that the Hepatitis B shot was unnecessary and also that the second MMR would be better given at age 11. Do you have any suggestions on physicians in this area (Northeastern New Jersey) who might work with me on this?

Q. I just discovered this site today. And as fate would have it, my son is due in for his 18 month check up and booster shots. I've been concerned about the safety and effectiveness of immunizations for some time now. I just don't know what to do. My pediatrician is very, VERY much in support of immunizations. Where can I find a list of pediatricians and healthcare providers in my area that support parents who choose NOT to immunize? (There probably aren't any!) Please help. Thanks so much.

Q. We need a listing of pediatricians who would be willing to see children who aren't immunized and who won't be. As a new parent, this has become a frustrating endeavor, and quite frankly, not one that many parents will take on. Can you help?

Q. I am trying to find a holistic pediatrician and am finding it very difficult. If one doesn't believe in vaccinations, do you just not go to the doctor and get lots of books and treat your kid yourself? Please help me!

Q. Hi, thanks for all the great work. I'm wondering if you can help me find a pediatrician/doctor in my area that would share similar beliefs and support non-vaccination. A few doctors I have tried do not wish to keep my son as a patient, and likewise, I don't wish to use them. I live in Waterbury, Connecticut. Any resources or connections you could offer would be appreciated. By the way, my 16 month old son has not been sick once. I attribute this to nursing, healthy diet and lack of vaccinations. Thanks for your assistance.

Q. I just saw a new pediatrician today and was told that he was uncomfortable not immunizing against most things except polio and chickenpox. I am finding that there is little support for my non-immunization beliefs. Do you know of any organizations or support groups that have local chapters for parents who don't vaccinate? This doctor looked at me as if I were a radical nut case. It is just so hard. Thank you.

A. Our website lists several support organizations.

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