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Crude Experiments
on Innocent People

A Personal Commentary

      Vaccinations are crude experiments on innocent people. It must have been hard at first for sensible folks to believe that health could be achieved by allowing needles filled with putrid matter to be poked into their bodies. Yet, many otherwise rational human beings came to accept this practice as a logical means to achieving well-being. Many still do.

The original purpose of vaccines was to eradicate infectious disease and to ease the pain, disability, and "unnecessary" death associated with it. These hopes still underlie the decisions made by medical personnel. Other modes of healthcare, however, are also available, including our capacity to assume personal responsibility for the decisions we make about our body, and to uphold our faith in God.

Dear doctors and medical scientists: Your "adverse" and "frightening" microorganisms have no mystical power over many of us. We know that some are "dangerous" in combination with other factors. You would be the first to mock any culture upholding a belief in witchcraft, voodoo, or arcane spirits. Yet, with your germ theories and scare tactics, you cast spells and hold power over many people.

The root assumption that germs are the cause of disease must be seriously reexamined. Brilliant men and women throughout the world challenge this unsound theory. If disease is caused not by germs but rather by the choices we make regarding the care of our bodies, then allopathic medicine is built upon a straw foundation. Yet, the power of a myth can be strong. Thus, like captivating charlatans who claim that only they can remove an evil spell, you have created a belief that only you can free people from these dreadful microscopic entities. You hold the magic needle (and bewitching drugs) high above your head to signify their dominance.

The people, they are frightened; who knows when they or their loved ones may be stricken? They flock to you in hordes. Please free them of these fears. Others, those who question what you're doing, or know what you're about, must be forced to participate in your perilous rituals against their will. In a twisted bit of honesty, we are told that your power will not work if too many people refuse to play along. "Look over there," you say to anyone who will listen. "Those outcasts will not join our scheme. They do not love their children, and they do not give a damn about you and I. They will spread disease, and all of us will die."

Allopathic medicine is responsible for saving many lives. New technologies allow medical specialists to alleviate pain and prolong life. But how do we measure the practicality of vaccination when full disclosure of the facts, including knowledge of the immediate and long-term consequences of the shots, is not permitted? This vaccine dilemma affects every aspect of society. Some researchers estimate that thousands, perhaps millions, of children throughout the world are damaged by vaccines every year. Authorities who understand the magnitude of this problem must wish it would simply go away. The ramifications are too great to contemplate.

People in power -- drug company CEOs, medical authorities, and U.S. lawmakers -- must reason that if great numbers of people are being damaged by the vaccines, how are we ever going to compensate them? And if the true extent of vaccine damage is publicly acknowledged, how are we ever going to maintain faith in the medical model? The prevailing procedures in defense of the allopathic myth therefore continue unaltered. And studies mimic the only conclusions comfortable enough to bear: vaccines are not only safe and effective, but lifesaving beyond measure.

At the same time, many doctors, scientists, and legalized drug pushers sincerely believe they've outwitted Mother Nature. And many lawmakers are genuinely convinced that acknowledging public fear about the dangers of vaccines, and offering parents an option against vaccinating their children, represent grave threats to national and international health. They honestly believe that if too many people are permitted to abstain from participating in the medical myth, great epidemics will ensue.

Yet, how many products have the medical, scientific, and defense communities endorsed, with full blessings from the government -- thalidomide, Agent Orange, experimental drugs -- only to regret it years later? Will we ever wake up? Health practices that require submission to achieve compliance can never be based upon higher principles, especially when intelligent men and women throughout the world debate the merits of mandatory vaccines, supporting their conclusions with scientific studies as well.

The budding practice of immunology has caused more damage than if researchers would have left well enough alone. The innate wisdom and immunological balance of the human body is altered and weakened when matter from an animal or germ is inserted into it. Today, the problem is more immense. New diseases, from ungodly pathogenic mixtures, have been created, as well as new drugs and vaccines to ward off these nefarious influences. These begat even more diseases, the need for new potions, and a perpetual cycle of sickness was established. Yet, even the magnitude of this health-related quandary pales in comparison with the loss of confidence in life itself, and faith in God to guide our path.

Ideas and Truth: Reality and truth often appear to exist in the discernible realm of concrete expression rather than in the ethereal region where thoughts are formed. Consequently, our assumptions about life are frequently related to the "facts" as we perceive them (vaccines seem to work), and not to the ideas that hold our attention from behind the scenes. This is why it is so easy to overlook the obvious (vaccines are ineffective and dangerous). If we do not examine the origin of our beliefs, we accept them as true despite all evidence to the contrary.

No one should underestimate the power of an idea to obscure the truth. For example, a vaccine may or may not benefit society. However, when the vaccine idea is bolstered through repetition, coercion (!), and an irrational fear of disease, the illusion of benefit will appear -- even when objective criteria indicate otherwise. If we are told often enough that something is true, we are likely to start believing it. But truth would bring families to the vaccine clinics on their own, without compulsory laws.

Several examples on this site show how information that does not support the vaccine theory is conveniently disregarded. In fact, there are numerous examples throughout history where ideas were accepted in place of truth because they were promoted with vim and vigor. For example, the earth was thought to be flat long after being proved otherwise because people in power continued to promote that idea. The truth was suppressed because it conflicted with the established beliefs of the time. In the process, myths masked reality, and an idea took precedence over truth.

The Salem Witch Hunts of the 1600s and the Nazi experiments on human subjects during World War II are two more examples where extreme oppression occurred at the expense of truth -- and lives -- simply because people in power made certain claims. But claims are merely statements of belief whether 1 or 1 million people believe them to be true. They fall short of truth when reality is denied.

More recently, a mother of two young boys claimed they were abducted and won the nation's sympathy as everyone naturally assumed her story was true. But truth is sometimes hidden from our view when masked by ideas in which we so desperately want to believe. In the end we were all horrified to discover this woman killed her babies.

Truth is truth, no matter how ghastly it may appear to be. No one wanted to believe that this innocent-seeming young mother drowned her own children, yet that is what occurred. In a similar manner, no one wants to believe that the vaccine idea is a dangerously flawed concept, and that the promoters of this hazardous practice are compelling mothers to maim and kill their own babies as well. But, if something is or is not true, it is or is not true, no matter how often and passionately people in power state their doctrine. Ideas must be born of truth or they will die, and die they must for new ideas and greater truth will take their place.

Now we come to the immediate problem: as more and more people begin to exercise their spiritual right to choose for or against vaccines for themselves and their family members, a clash of ideas will occur. It is occurring now. Many doctors already refuse to serve clients who disagree with their dogma. Others threaten to report "troublemakers" to their legal henchmen -- "authorities" who will enforce compliance with the occult rituals. Parents, too, are fleeing arrogant and uncaring health practitioners. Yet, these moms and dads only want to know the truth, and merely seek to exercise their right to choose how to raise and care for the pristine beings within their care.

The Solution: The answer to the vaccine dilemma is simple: 1) full disclosure, and 2) freedom of choice. Information must be readily accessible, and everyone must be free to choose his or her own pathway to health. Parents must retain authority regarding how they raise their children. No one has a right to interfere, even with the best of intentions. Responsible, fully informed mothers and fathers can interpret information and make decisions for their families and themselves.

Dear doctors: You are not our caretakers by decree. We'll let you know when we want your opinions or your aid. Then, by invitation, you may participate in our lives. So don't stick your filthy needles in our bodies, or in the bodies of our children -- unless we ask you to. Although you may sincerely believe these injections will achieve a worthy goal, we may not agree.

Also, don't tell us that you know more about these matters than we do; this insults our intelligence and our parental instincts. Knowledge is a single factor with many blind sides. Somewhere in the course of your studies you missed an important lesson -- that the body is a beautiful instrument of creation. It has a supreme intelligence of its own. Nature plays an important role as well. And don't underestimate the power of the mind. Your placebos can attest to this phenomenon. So stop forcing others to submit to your crude and detrimental practices.

You say that your technique for achieving optimal health is beneficial, but that it requires full participation -- mandatory compliance (!) -- to realize its noble goal. So you force your human subjects to submit to your procedures against their will, or against the will of their rightful guardians. You violate their bodies and you trespass on their souls. But we are not your human guinea pigs. We have intelligent aspirations and our own ideas about how to achieve them.

Dear doctors and other medical scientists: After you take the initial step and realize the vaccine issue is truly one of choice -- the freedom to select our own view of the world -- and not a matter of rampant and deadly disease, as you are prone to see it, your path will become much easier. You will no longer hold the unbearable weight of protecting the planet from wretched infectious disease. And you will no longer be responsible for the damage and the death that will ensue when people choose your offerings and later regret it. Once they know that the shots are not compulsory, and that they hold a certain risk, you will be karmically freed from your self-imposed custodianship.

Today, however, you are responsible for every single life that is affected by your dark and pernicious magic. All your bogus studies and clever manipulations cannot nullify this accountability. Refusing to disclose the facts is a cowardly and sinister act as well. But you may change your ways today. Stop coercing people to act against their will. You are not God, and have no right to choose another person's fate.

After enough people have begun exercising their right to choose for or against the shots, the truth will begin to emerge. If unvaccinated people die from a disease, we must respect that it was their choice to go unvaccinated, or the choice of family members who deeply loved them. That family should not be persecuted and exhibited before the public, at least not any more than the family of a vaccine-damaged child should be. Each child and family member needs our love and understanding. And if the outcome scares other people into lining up to get the shots, that will be their choice as well, just as others will reject the vaccines following stories of serious vaccine-related damage. In other words, natural "marketplace" forces will determine who chooses to be vaccinated and who rejects the shots.

Longitudinal Studies: At this time, legitimate scientific research, using genuine control groups, needs to be conducted. Longitudinal studies (over time) of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children are needed to accurately measure the true extent of adverse events and the actual incidence of disease. To determine the true effects of a new vaccine it should be administered to one group of children (the vaccinated) and not to another (the vaccine-free), according to the wishes of their parents, of course. Then, to assess the benefits and risks of the vaccine, several factors must be evaluated, starting with the incidence and severity of the sickness. How many children in the vaccinated group caught the disease against which they were vaccinated? How many in the unvaccinated group?

Acute and chronic afflictions should be tracked as well -- the number and severity of major and minor ailments. For instance, are children in one group more susceptible to ear infections, multiple sclerosis, or childhood leukemia? Children in both populations should be evaluated from early childhood through adulthood for vision, hearing, fine motor coordination, IQ, learning disabilities, emotional development, socialization, psychological stability, levels of socioeconomic attainment, and other measures of developmental well-being. Control-group tracking will produce honest information on which to base future decisions.

Children Need to Be Screened: In the meantime, children need to be screened for contraindications before receiving any shots. The vaccine administrator should be required to ask parents specific questions designed to evaluate the likelihood of a severe reaction. A checklist for this purpose should be used. Is the child allergic to eggs? Has the child been well during the last few days? What is the family health history? Did you notice anything unusual or out of the ordinary -- possible adverse vaccine reactions -- following previous shots? These are the sort of questions that need to be asked. On the other hand, screenings will not guarantee your child's safety. There are no assurances against vaccine damage other than abstaining from the shots.

Maintaining Professional Integrity: In spite of the inherent dangers associated with vaccines, longitudinal studies and rigorous screening procedures are not yet what the doctors have ordered. Instead, the medical community is moving full speed ahead -- on a crash course with an irrevocable fate of global proportions. Vaccine policymakers harbor grand plans to conquer with some sort of pill or injection just about any imaginable condition: colds, diarrhea, cancer -- even conception! But they should be considering ways instead to compromise on this issue and maintain their professional integrity. Once again, I recommend beginning this process by 1) providing easy access to unbiased vaccine information, and 2) encouraging freedom of choice. This gargantuan plight needs to be confronted; it isn't going away on its own.

The government wants to establish a national computerized vaccine tracking system. Now is the time for the designers to assess their motivations. Is it to monitor families who are resisting or to begin the process of assessing the ramifications of choice -- the true risks and benefits? Will these computers represent Big Brother at his worst, a sinister plan to manipulate the masses -- ploy fodder for the CDC and other members of the medical fraternity -- or will they be overseen by an impartial committee of concerned people? In other words, is the fox still guarding the chicken coop? These are questions lawmakers need to consider -- in spite of their personal views or political ties concerning this matter. Come forward, brave and moral leaders. Take a stand for the future and do the right thing. This issue is too large to keep under wraps much longer anyway. The masses are catching on, and time is running out.

To those of you who, after reading this expose', are moved to experience the collective pain of humanity, be sure to allow the information time to settle in. There is a lot to process, and you will need time to adjust to the realizations. Your mixed feelings are only natural -- compassion for the babies, empathy for the parents, horror at the perpetrators, as well as a chilling sense of the global ramifications. For anyone else who may be angered or confused by the information presented here, try to realize that I am not the shadow; I am simply reflecting it for all to see. I am sorry if you are offended or horrified by the perceived implications.


Dear members of the medical vaccine community: I forgive you. However, I cannot speak for other moms and dads; their anguish needs time to heal. It may not show, but I also love you. I love you for what you originally tried to accomplish, and in spite of what you've done. Some of you are beacons of light on the wrong path. If you know it, step off. Take another route. There are many ways to contribute to humanity.

This article was excerpted from the vaccine archives of Neil Z. Miller.
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