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Vaccines, Autism and
Childhood Disorders
Crucial Data That Could
Save Your Child's Life

By Neil Z. Miller

[Vaccine Book]

Parents: Now You Can Make
Informed Decisions!

This important book chronicles ALL Significant Research
linking vaccines to autism and childhood disorders.

It includes
28 charts and graphs
more than 500 citations

so that all of the information may be confirmed.

      Autism is a complex disability resulting in brain damage, immune dysfunction, self-destructive behavior patterns, and un-responsiveness to other people. It often strikes following an early childhood of normal development. Many parents believe that childhood vaccines, especially MMR, are responsible. Some studies confirm that vaccines may cause autism in certain predisposed children. Health authorities, however, deny that autism is linked to vaccines. Some studies support their position. Congress recently held several hearings to investigate the causes of, and cures for, this growing epidemic. The testimony hints at a medical coverup. This book chronicles Congressional efforts to expose the truth, summarizes vaccine studies on both sides of the debate, and provides parents with crucial data to make informed decisions.

What Others Are Saying:

"Neil Z. Miller is one of our premier chroniclers of the current issues and controversies surrounding childhood vaccine programs. In this book he documents correlations between the MMR vaccine and a growing epidemic of childhood disorders, especially autism. Mr. Miller deserves thanks from the increasing number of families that are beginning to question mandatory vaccinations."
--Harold Buttram, MD, Internal and Family Medicine

"The onset of autism (or autistic regression) post-immunization should no longer be regarded as merely a coincidence with the timing of vaccinations... I have recently coined a term 'Autoimmune Autism' (AA) to refer to a subset of autism that has autoimmune etiology. Moreover, there are scientific reasons to think that this subset may indeed be a result of vaccine injuries..."
--Vijendra K. Singh, PhD, Immunology and Neurobiology Research Professor, Utah State University, Biotechnology Center

"We have conducted a series of detailed studies on behalf of children [who regressed developmentally following MMR vaccination], the findings of which, in summary form...are statistically significant compared with age-matched healthy controls."
--Dr. Andrew J. Wakefield, MB, BS, FRCS, Research Director, International Child Development Resource Center

"The segment of children with 'regressive autism,' the form where children develop normally for a period of time then lose skills and sink into autism, most commonly at 18 to 24 months of age, is increasing at a phenomenal rate. I am seeing multiple children in the same family affected, including in the last week four cases of 'autistic regression' developing in children after their MMR and DPT vaccination."
--Mary N. Megson, MD, Professor of Pediatrics, Medical College of Virginia

"At two months of age my son had received 62.5 mcg of mercury from three infant vaccines. According to EPA criteria, his allowable dose was only 0.5 mcg based on his weight. He had received 125 times his allowable exposure on that one day."
--Lyndelle Redwood, MA, Nurse Practitioner, whose son was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (autism)

"I can't bear the thought that after waiting so long and being so careful carrying my twins, I was so easily persuaded to immunize Jacob without knowing all that I should have. I should have found out about all the toxic metals that are used to manufacture the vaccines. I didn't. I should have known back then what I do now. I didn't. I trusted his pediatrician, I trusted the CDC. I was persuaded to believe that I was doing the best thing I could do to protect my child."
--Jeana Smith, whose son is now autistic

"It is imperative that we stop giving heavy metals to children through vaccines when their bodies can least handle an insult. It would make more sense for us to eliminate the cause of the problem by deleting thimerosal from vaccines now and by withdrawing current lots containing thimerosal from pediatric offices and health units."
--Stephanie Cave, MD

"My first reaction [upon discovering that mercury in vaccines could be damaging children] was simply disbelief, which was the reaction of almost everybody involved in vaccines. My first concern was that it would harm the credibility of the immunization program. But gradually it came home to me that maybe there was some real risk to the children."
--Neal Halsey, MD, Professor of International Health and Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University; Former Chairman, American Academy of Pediatrics

"Pharmaceutical companies are immune from liability and they have a forced market. They manufacture products that are required for every child in this country. We fear that it is possible that while seeking greater monetary profits there may be some who have lost sight of the medical community's original goal regarding vaccinations -- to protect children from harm."
--Shelley Reynolds, Director, Unlocking Autism

"The fix is in."
--Senator John McCain, referring to a shameful rider protecting drug manufacturers from mercury-related lawsuits that mysteriously found its way into the Homeland Security bill (McCain voted against the bill)

"I might have been like many of the officials within the public health community-denying a connection [between vaccinations and autism] -- had I not witnessed this tragedy in my own family. I might have been like so many pediatricians who discounted the correlation between vaccination and the onset of fever, crying, and behavioral changes. Because both of my grandchildren suffered adverse reactions to vaccines, I could not ignore the parents' plea for help. I could not ignore their evidence."
--Government Reform Committee Chairman, Congressman Dan Burton

"Recent investigations...have convincingly shown that eradication of the three diseases of measles, rubella, and mumps is in practice impossible. The rational basis of every immunization strategy that rests upon the mass vaccination of infants is thereby invalidated... After a careful analysis of the relevant material, [we] reject the state MMR immunization campaign..."
--Joint statement issued by 180 European medical doctors

"It would take parents many hours and a lot of luck to collect on their own even part of this book's contents. After reading this book, parents and guardians will be better educated on the subject and their consent will then be truly informed."
--F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP, Pediatrician; Autism Researcher

"Neil Miller has once again provided us with an extraordinarily well-documented and important book. Parents, read this book and protect your children. Thank you Neil Miller, for a job well done."
--Bernard Rimland, PhD, Director, Autism Research Institute

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This book is no longer available. ALL of the information that was in this book has been updated and expanded, and can be found in the Vaccine Safety Manual.
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