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What is tetanus?
Tetanus is a non-contagious bacterial disease that causes severe muscular contractions. It is also called lockjaw because some victims are unable to open their mouths or swallow. Other symptoms include depression, headaches, and spasms that interfere with breathing.(1,2)

Tetanus is caused by toxins produced by a bacterium called Clostridium tetani. The dormant germs (spores) live in soil, dust, and manure. They can enter the body through cuts and puncture wounds, but will only multiply in an anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment. The incubation period, from the time of the injury until the first symptoms appear, ranges from a few days to three weeks. However, careful attention to wound hygiene will eliminate the possibility of tetanus in most cases. Deep puncture wounds and wounds with a lot of dead tissue should be thoroughly cleaned and not allowed to close until healing has occurred beneath the skin.(3)

Adverse Reaction Reports:
Tetanus Vaccine

This section contains unsolicited adverse reaction reports associated with the tetanus vaccine. They are typical of the daily emails received by the Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute. Additional reaction reports possibly associated with the tetanus toxoid may be found in the sections on DPT/DTaP and pertussis.

[Tetanus 103] I developed reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) following a tetanus toxoid vaccine. I have very little use of the entire left side of my body, and the disease now appears to be moving into my right hip and leg.

[Tetanus 127] My 26-year-old friend was given a tetanus and diphtheria shot at work. About 4 or 5 hours later she developed neck pain, it was pulled to the left side, and she was unable to move it. Three days later she also developed swelling at the injection site.

[Tetanus 148] I received a tetanus shot because the doctors said it was way overdue. That night my arm hurt so bad I could not lay on it. My temperature was 104 degrees. The pain eventually spread to my upper back and neck.

[Tetanus 203] I had a tetanus shot in September and have been sick ever since. Where can I get information from someone who knows this is possible? My doctor just acted like I was an idiot, so I went untreated for four months.

[Tetanus 214] My friend has an immune disease and was given a tetanus shot, starting the onset of muscular degeneration. She and her mom attribute her rapid decline to the shot.

[Tetanus 245] Are there any studies on overdoses of the tetanus vaccine? My daughter had three tetanus shots within 1 1/2 years, and my son had two within this period. She was diagnosed with Lupus, and now he has asthma and an immune system disorder.

[Tetanus 284] When I was three months pregnant I cut myself and was "required" to get a tetanus shot. My son has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and attention deficit disorder. He also has grand mal seizures, an enlarged liver and heart, and made no growth hormone at birth.

[Tetanus 294] I went to a health clinic for a check-up and was told I needed a tetanus shot. I soon became pregnant and miscarried in my second month. My husband and I were distraught. I became pregnant a short time later and miscarried again. Since that time, I had another miscarriage -- my third in my first year of marriage.

[Tetanus 301] In October, I received a tetanus shot. In December, I became pregnant. Our beautiful son was born 9 months later quite suddenly by C-section after a severe bleeding episode. Unfortunately, he passed away two days later. He had a deformity that begins in the early days of pregnancy.

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The tetanus vaccine, pregnancy
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